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Papal audience with a guided tour of St. Peter’s Square, the heart of Christianity. Our tour – lasting a total of about three hours – includes:

  • a little introduction about the history of the Vatican and St Peter’s Basilica
  • a seat in St. Peter’s Square (it is not possible to reserve a specific seat)
  • the chance to attend the Papal Audience for all its lenght.

Wednesday General Audience

  • Due to security reasons, when booking, you must provide the first and last names of all participants.
  • Tickets for Papal Audiences: Please note that the invitation ticket for the Audience is free.

The tour is held exclusively concurrently with the Wednesday’ Papal Audience (at 10.30 a.m.) and only when the Audience is held in St. Peter’s Square (no Sala Nervi).


DURATION3h ca. (guide service duration 1h30’ ca.)
MEETING POINTVia della Conciliazione, 45
MEETING TIME7.15 am. Punctuality is required.
WHAT IS INCLUDEDInvitation card for the papal Audience (free)
Seat in St. Peter’s Square
Specialized and officially accredited by the Vatican State guide; guide service will end in conjunction with the beginning of the Papal Audience The guide service will end at the beginning of the Papal Audience.
Interpreting service (the guide will not translate the Pope’s speech)
Transfer to/from hotel
CANCELLATIONFree, up to 24 hours before the start of the tour. Should the minimum number of 10 participants not be reached, the tour will not take place.


An unusual tour combining art, culture and devotion, accompanied by a specialized guide accredited by the Vatican City. The wonder of discovering, every Wednesday, from spring to autumn, a sleepy and quiet St. Peter’s Square disclosing its treasures before your very eyes. Your guide will entertain you with stories from great history and everyday life, anecdotes and explanations of historical, artistic and archaeological nature related to the square and the Basilica. At the end of the description, you will take place in your exclusive and reserved seat, to attend the Papal Audience. This is not a religious celebration, but a meeting occasion dedicated to devotees and pilgrims, who can meet Pope Francis and receive his blessing. Aboard the Popemobile, the Pope will tour the square departing from the Arch of the Bells; along the path, he will make several stops to greet and embrace the attendees. The duration of the audience is about 1 hour and a half.


  • St. Peter’s Basilica and its square are located in the same place where, in ancient Rome, stood Nero’s Circus , a building more than half a kilometre long, that hosted chariot races, circus shows and also many executions. Towards the middle of the second century AD, the circus was abandoned and hired to private citizens for the construction of tombs. Here were buried the remains of Peter, crucified in Nero’s Circus,.
  • The first St. Peter’s Basilica, completed in 333 AD, was erected by Emperor Constantine, who had raised Christianity to the rank of licit (allowed) religion.
  • Designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and completed in 1667, the colonnade of St. Peter’s Square is 320 meters long and is topped by 140 statues. If you stop on the small tile located near the obelisk in the center of the square, by virtue of an extraordinary optical effect created by the gradual increase in diameter of the columns, the 4 rows will look as a single one.
  • The obelisk standing in the middle of St.Peter’s Square was originally located in the circus of Heliopolis, and brought to Rome at the time of Caligula. It was placed in the square in 1586 by Domenico Fontana, by the will of Pope Sixtus V. Its translation was quite complex: it required the construction of a massive scaffolding, from which the workers were given directions with trumpets and drums; in the whole square, was imposed total silence, not to disturb the work.
  • The bronze ball at the top of St Peter’s dome, which is no longer accessible for safety reasons, is hollow and spacious enough to accommodate about twenty people. The last pope to ‘use’ it was Pius IX in 1847, on the eve of the feast of St. Peter, but in the same year Gregory XVI served there a reception for Tsar Nicholas I.


The Vatican City – under whose jurisdiction St. Peter’s Square falls – is a distinct and independent State with respect to Italy, subject to its own laws and security regulations. Saints Tour, therefore, is not responsible for any delays at the entrance due to controls and/or technical problems ascribable to the Museums Management.


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