Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Here you will find some useful information to better organize your tour!

Yes, they are extremely safe .

If you subscribe our insurance – at the cost of 10 € – you are allowed to postpone – prior notice via email or whatsapp, with an advance of at least 48 hours – your tour on the first date and the first available time, according to the agency’s indications.

A group tour has usually more participants and follows a predetermined route; on the contrary, the route and the duration of a private tour can be planned by mutual agreement with our staff and our guides.

A private tour allows to plan a route and a duration specifically conceived to meet the visitors’ needs and desires, compatibly with the Museums’ dispositions. Moreover, the number of participants is restricted to the sole members of the group booking the private tour.

If possible, you will have the chance to join the next available tour in the same language. If, on the contrary, all the availability for all subsequent tours should be exhausted, you will lose the opportunity to make the guided tour, without this giving rise to any kind of refund from our agency.


For reasons related to the protection and preservation of the works on display, there is no air conditioning.

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