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Papal Audience Guided Tour: detail of st. peters square
Papal Audience Guided Tour

The tour, includes an hour and a half of guided tour of St. Peter’s Square with a specialized and accredited by the Vatican State guide, and the possibility of attending the Papal Audience.

Fast-Track Access Tickets for Vatican Museums And Sistine Chapel

Buying the ticket skips the line, guarantees priority entry to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

San Pietro Basilica e Cupola
Saint Peter’s Tour: guided tour of Basilica and Dome

Discover St. Peter’s Basilica, in the heart of Christianity: our guided tour, about 3 hours-long, will take you to right into the magnificent building considered to be the largest Catholic Church in the world, with all the masterpieces it preserves.

Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel: Skip The Line Guided Tour

One of world’s most renowned art collections without wasting time in long queues. Our groups will lead you through the priceless treasures housed in the seven distinct museums, that make up the heart of the Vatican Museums complex.

Musei Vaticani di notte: aperitivo in Via della Conciliazione
Night tour of the Vatican Museums with visit to the Sistine Chapel

Finally, the Vatican Museums by night, with a spectacular guided tour that will let you admire the magnificent Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo Buonarroti’s absolute masterpiece.
The tour includes:

Cocktail at

San Pietro Basilica e Cupola
Exclusive tour: St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

An exclusive guided tour to let you discover the wonders enshrined in the heart of the Vatican. The route we have carefully planned for you is truly unique, and designed

Incredible experiences

Immerse yourself in the tradition of Rome, experience the thrill of discovering and exploring the Vatican Museums like never before.

Guided tours in different languages

Our skilled and certified guides will make you admire the magnificent masterpieces of the Vatican Museums. Don’t miss our tours!

Exclusive services

Discover all our proposals and choose the tour you like best.
Our Staff is ready to grant you an unforgettable experience.

Saints Tour

Why choose us

Just imagine… the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and the Roman Forum, passing through St. Peter’s Basilica to finally get lost in the gorgeous setting of Castel Gandolfo’s fairy tale gardens. As the great Alberto Sordi always repeated: “Rome is not a city like any other. It is a great museum, a living room in which one walks tiptoeing”… and he was absolutely right.

Strolling through the very heart of Rome and discovering the thousand-year history of the Colosseum will be even more delighted thanks to the competence of our guides who – with a grain of humour and a lot of experience – will escort you on your favourite tour.

Thanks to the professionalism of our staff, and the care and passion that we put daily into our work, you will have the chance to admire the awesome masterpieces enclosed within the precious walls of Vatican City. With our guided tours, we are sure to be able to deliver you a truly engaging and, at the same time, relaxing experience: we provide.

All the tours we offer have been planned on the basis of this extraordinary wealth of experience, and organized with the sole aim of understanding – and therefore satisfying – the needs, expectations and desires of all those who come to us.

You will find not only professionalism, but also punctuality, excellent preparation, and that seriousness which allows us to offer you the best service during your guided tour of the wonders of Rome.

Saints Tour

Our performance indicators

Saints Tour

Goals and Convention

Our goal is to keep on growing, offering increasingly exclusive services.

Hence, we have signed an agreement with the Vatican Museums for the year 2023, that will allow us to better organize all our tours: started from the guided tours at 8:00 am – a priviledge allowed to very few tour operators – that give partakers the opportunity to “experience” the beauties of the Vatican Museums before the opening to the public, to the possibility of visiting parts that are normally unavailable, such as the Cabinet of the Masks.

The agreement will allow us to better manage all our groups, with the opportunity to carry out more daily visits, in different languages; above all, it will give Customers the possibility to choose the best time, morning to evening, to enjoy a quiet and pleasurable visit.

We do believe that customer satisfaction is a fundamental asset: for this reason, we take such a great care of our tours, all entrusted to expert and certified guides.

Their key-feature is the opportunity to have direct access into Saint Peter’s Basilica, taking advantage of the passage located inside the Sistine Chapel (with certain exceptions, at the discretion of the Vatican State).

Thanks to a close agreement with the Ministry of Defense, we have planned ad hoc tours for all military and civilian personnel: Italian Army, Navy, Air Force and Arma dei Carabinieri have convention tours, planned according to particular needs specific military interest.

Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel

Skip The Line Guided Tour

  • privileged entrance to the Vatican Museums
  • guided tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

You will have at your complete disposal one of our specialized and accredited by the Vatican guides.

Discover our Rome's


Villa Torlonia, la Casa delle Civette

Between fairy tale and reality: The Owls’ Cottage in Villa Torlonia.

Blog SaintsTour

Prince Giovanni Torlonia Jr. was the scion of two

Antiquity and fast food: the thermopolium of Via Diana in Ostia Antica

Blog SaintsTour

If you believe that finger food, fast food restaurants,

la casa di Lorenzo Manilio

Roman from Rome: the house of Lorenzo Manilius

Blog SaintsTour

Written sources give us no information about the life

Art from another point of view: the anamorphosis of Trinità dei Monti.

Blog SaintsTour

In art, the term “anamorphosis” indicates a strongly distorted image

Filarete’s Door of Saint Peter’s Basilica

Blog SaintsTour

The facade of Sain Peter’s basilica displays five bronze

Imperial Rome’s Manhattan: the Insula of Ara Coeli

Blog SaintsTour

Skyscrapers seem to embody the very essence of modernity:

Europe’s oldest hospital and the “project” wheel

Blog SaintsTour

The foundation of the hospital of Holy Spirit in

Pope Leo’s living room: the Triclinium Lateranensis

Blog SaintsTour

You probably saw it hundreds of times, in the

The meals of the Ancient Romans – part I

Blog SaintsTour

Just like ours, the day of an ancient Roman

The morning hour has gold in its mouth: the Casino dell’Aurora in Palazzo Pallavicini Rospigliosi

Blog SaintsTour

The beautiful Casino dell’Aurora Pallavicini is part of the

Rear Window: Palazzo del Gallo di Roccagiovine

Blog SaintsTour

Piazza Farnese discloses like a majestic flower at the

Crime and Punishment: the Mamertine Prison

Blog SaintsTour

The Roman Forum was the very heart of the

The Courtesan and the Virgin: Caravaggio’s Pilgrims’ Madonna

Blog SaintsTour

“Pilgrims’ Madonna”, also known as “Madonna of Loretto”, is

A tureen in the middle of a square: the Terrina Fountain

Blog SaintsTour

The picturesque fountain standing in the center of Piazza

Aqua Paola’s Fountain: er Fontanone

Blog SaintsTour

For the Romans, the dome of Saints Peter’s Basilica

The Antico Caffè Greco

Blog SaintsTour

The Antico Caffè Greco in Via dei Condotti is

The first representation of the crucifix: the wooden door of Santa Sabina

Blog SaintsTour

The Aventine, today one of the most elegant and

Traces of afterlife: the Museum of the Souls of Purgatory

Blog SaintsTour

On the Lungotevere Prati peeks out a small church

Fast-Track Access Tickets

For Vatican Museums And Sistine Chapel

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel with skip -the-line access: live a unique experience. Duration of the tour is free.


  • Free: from 0-5 years old;
  • Reduced: 6 to 18 years old;
  • Students (reduced): from 18-25 years old. This offer is valid only upon presentation of a valid student card, to be shown at the time of entry and/or check-in.
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Access to Vatican Museums

All visitors must undergo security checks at the entrance, which involves a bag search.

To facilitate checks by metal detetor, visitors are kindly requested to beforehand remove from the hand luggage all the objects that are not allowed, such as large umbrellas and glass bottles, reporting them in advance to the staff.

Before gaining access to the exhibition spaces of the Vatican Museums, all visitors are kindly requested to leave luggage, suitcases, large backpacks and packages – which are considered unecessary during the guided tour – in the available cloakroom.



The guided tour route may present barriers that are difficult to overcome for disabled visitors, especially with regard to visits to the various archaeological areas.

For this reason, visitors are kindly requiested to contact our staff at info@saintstour.com to get further information and to to evaluate all the possible solutions for a safe and comfortable tour.


Dress Code

Clothing for Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Gardens, Castel Gandolfo Gardens: entry is permitted only to appropriately dressed visitors.

Shoulders and knees must be covered; sleeveless and low cut garments, shorts, miniskirts and hats are not permitted.

Useful tips for Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Due to uneven floors and rough paths, all visitors are recommended to wear comfortable and appropriate shoes.


Driver car rental

Need a car rental with driver? Try our service! Forget the traffic jam, forget driving directions and navigation, forget the parking lots and just rely on our car rental with driver.

We offer four standard routes – with predefined fares – to make your travel as easy as possible. Just remeber that reservations must be made at least 4 hours before the beginning of the service.